Trump, business and the SOHOpreneur - in conversation with keynote speaker Neil Belenkie.

December 17, 2016

Neil Belenkie is a successful serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker at this year's SOHO Conference. His topic? What a Trump presidency means for small business in Canada.

"I think it critical that we as Canadian entrepreneurs have a clear perspective on Trump's impact - both positive and negative" says Belenkie. "We need to separate the fearmongering and hype from the reality. With a bit of clarity, I believe local businesses can actually profit from this momentous political shift."

in this conversation with Marc Stoiber, Belenkie gives us a taste of his topic, and leaves us with plenty of thought-provoking questions. One thing is certain: his SOHO keynote is one you won't want to miss. In the words of the Donald, it'll be yuge.

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